Fair Manufacturing is proud to announce that we have partnered with Sourcewell (Formerly NJPA).

YANKTON, SD (January 1, 2019) - Fair Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been awarded a four-year contract for Snow and Ice Handling Equipment with Sourcewell (#080818-FAM). Fair Manufacturing, Inc.’s contract with Sourcewell includes products such as Snocrete® Loader-Mount and PTO Driven Snow Blowers as well as SuperHaul® Snow Body Inserts.


“We are extremely proud and excited about this opportunity to serve our customers through a broader marketplace. This is our first awarded contract with Sourcewell and we anticipate our customers will be enthusiastic about this opportunity,” said Lydel Thomas, Sales Manager. “Providing our customers with the best possible customer service is a core principle of our company and this contract provides expanded options to our customers in procuring our products in a fast and cost-effective way.”

About Fair Manufacturing, Inc.

Fair Manufacturing, Inc. has been manufacturing the Snocrete® Snow Blower since 1963. This snow blower earned the name Snocrete for its ability to cut through the South Dakota wind driven snow that was as hard as concrete. The Snocrete® Snow Blower is renowned for its single-stage, twin fan design. This unique design is a simpler way to move more snow with less horsepower. Thoroughly time tested, Snocrete® snow blowers have a reputation for their ability to last through season after season, with some snow blowers being active in service for over 30 years. For more information visit

About Sourcewell

Sourcewell, formerly known as National Joint Powers Association (NJPA) is a cooperative purchasing procurement organization. Sourcewell holds hundreds of competitively solicited cooperative contracts ready for use. Choose from a wide array of products and services, or work with our in-house specialists to find the right solution to fit your needs. Members are allowed to purchase off these contracts and meet their own competitive bid requirements saving time and money! All schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies can quickly and easily join for free. There are no fees to use Sourcewell contracts, no commitment, and no obligation to purchase—and the online application takes just a few minutes. To become a member, complete the online app: Or call (888) 894-1930

What is Sourcewell's Cooperative Purchasing?

Sourcewell is a government agency offering competitively solicited contracts for use by education, government, and nonprofits. Cooperative contracts mean volume discounts, choice, and quality.

As a government agency, Sourcewell establishes and provides internationally leveraged and competitively solicited purchasing contracts under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law.

Joint Powers laws enables members to legally purchase through the Sourcewell contract.

Sourcewell members save time and money while also avoiding the unpleasant experience of low bid, low quality responses.

How Does It Work?

All Sourcewell contracts have been competitively solicited, reviewed, and evaluated by a committee, and recommended to the Sourcewell Board of Directors for award in accordance with Minnesota public purchasing and contracting rules, guidelines and regulations applicable to Sourcewell.

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