7800 Series Bale Processors

Any Bale, Any Condition!
Flat, Frozen, Wet, Hard or Soft, no problem, no matter what condition

Ejection door

Bale Ejection Door:
Patented side door opens sideways, allowing for bale ejection if mold or unwanted material is discovered mid-process (standard on all models)

Easy Maintenance Access:
Opening the side door also creates easy maintenance access without having to crawl into the machine.

Adjustable Hay Opening:
Adjusting the gap for hay discharge is done easily with two latches to virtually eliminate plugging.

Heavy Duty Bale Lift:
Two stage bale lift pulls the bale up and away so the next bale is undisturbed. Large platform contains loose hay for cleaner operations (standard on all models)

Design and Features

Big gap slat spacing

Big Gap Slat Spacing
A large gap between the slats pushes the bale rather than carrying the bale, translating to less slippage of the bale over the slats and less wear and tear on components (standard on all models)

Stationary knives

Stationary Knives & Flails:
The flails on the rotor pass through removable stationary knives to chop hay for a more palatable consumption and a finer cut.
(standard on 7810 & 7830)
5/8”x 2” flails are heaviest on the market.

Hydraulic slug bars

Hydraulic Slug Bars:
The hydraulic slug bars allow the operator to decrease knife exposure as the bale gets processed down to a smaller core for complete control of discharge volume
(standard on 7830 & 7830-TD)

In Cab Controls:
Only one tractor remote is required making hooking up quick and easy. All electric controls can be mechanically overriden.
(standard on 7830 & 7830-TD)

Control box

Adjustable Discharge Door:
The discharge door opening can be quickly adjusted with two latches. 7830 model is hydraulically operated.

Discharge door

Easy Twine Removal:
The patented parallel running bars create separation between the twine and rotor, allowing the operator adequate space to insert a cutting tool for easy twine removal


Additional Features:
16.5L-16.1 Flotation Tires
Standard on all 7800 series models

Top Discharge with 7830-TD

The top discharge allows casting up to 100 feet and is ideal for reclamation, bedding, stock piling and feeding.

Gearbox drive

Oil Bath Gearbox:
Both rotor and auger are driven by heavy-duty oil bath drives.

Auger conveyor

Auger Conveys material to
the Center of the Blower

The material does not have to pass through end bearings. It enters the blower in the center & is accelerated out eliminating fan plugging problems experience in other designs. The auger is supported on both ends ensuring the strength to handle large hay masses.

Easy access panels

Easy Access Panels
Along with the patented bale ejection door, both rotor & auger have large access panels allowing operator easy access without entering machine


7810 7830 7830-TD
Model: 7810 7830 7830-TD
Horsepower: 85 HP 85 HP 125 HP
PTO: 1,000 1,000 1,000
Hydraulic Remotes: 3 Double Acting 1 Double Acting 1 Double Acting
Bale Size Capacity: 6'x6' - 2 Bales 6'x6' - 2 Bales 6'x6' - 2 Bales
Slug Bar Adjustment: Manual Electric/Hydraulic Electric/Hydraulic
Controls: N/A In Cab Full Feature In Cab Full Feature
Length: 15'6" 15'6" 17'6"
Height: 8'10" 8'10" 11' with Spout
Width: 9'1" 9'1" 9'3"
Weight: 4,300 lbs 4,300 lbs 6,100 lbs
7810 7810 85 HP 1,000 3 Double Acting 6'x6' - 2 Bales Manual N/A 15'6" 8'10" 9'1" 4,300 lbs
7830 7830 85 HP 1,000 1 Double Acting 6'x6' - 2 Bales Electric/Hydraulic In Cab Full Feature 15'6" 8'10" 9'1" 4,300 lbs
7830-TD 7830-TD 125 HP 1,000 1 Double Acting 6'x6' - 2 Bales Electric/Hydraulic In Cab Full Feature 17'6" 11' with Spout 9'3" 6,100 lbs

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7800 Series


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