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Fair Manufacturing has been manufacturing quality snow removal equipment since 1969. Fair Manufacturing Inc.'s Snocrete® Snowblowers and SuperHaul® Snow Body Inserts are designed to effectively remove snow in the most adverse weather conditions.

This equipment is continually tested to perform, even during the hardest South Dakota winters, cutting through super hard-packed snow and ice.

Fair Manufacturing offers many ranges and sizes of snowblowers for various applications, including:


Snocrete® Snowblowers are user-friendly and designed with the operator in mind. Fair Manufacturing Inc. products are durable and made to last.

The SuperHaul® Snow Body Insert is designed to increase the load capacity of your truck and allow the snow to slide out of the box with ease. When paired together, the Snocrete® Snowblowers and SuperHaul® Snow Body Inserts are the complete snow removal system!

Our Most Recent!
We have started production on a unique bale processor that has a variety of improvements that our competitors just don't have. For more information, go to the "7825 Bale Processor" section of this site, or download the brochure, below.


Click on the image, below, to view our "Metro Muncher" experiment, or view our most current sales brochures by clicking on the links.

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